16 9 / 2014

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As we mentioned before, if you’re a U of T student, you’re a Hart House member. That’s great news if you want to be healthy and fit.


Because there is something for you here at Hart House. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an aspiring athlete or a recently reformed couch potato. In fact, all levels, all abilities, all ages, shapes and sizes make up the Hart House community, so whatever your motivation, or lack thereof, you will find what’s right for you.

For example, you can work up a sweat at our drop-in fitness classes with step, Aqua-Fit, Boot Camp, Zumba, Nia, Flexbility Fusion, and more.

Or if you’re looking for a class that’s a little more more involved, learn how to swim, dance, defend yourself, play squash or scuba dive, or practise Yoga or Pilates with our Registered Classes.

Beginning this week, you can relax with our new #MindfulWednesdays meditation classes. Tweet this to win!

Just looking to work out? There’s space for that too. Lift free weights, run 5K, swim, do some cardio or challenge yourself with the Hart House Circuit. We even offer personal training and fitness consultations.

And remember, the road to healthy living is paved with adequate rest days. Try our free drop-in programmes such as our wildly popular #MassageMondays. And beginning this week, you can relax with our new #MindfulWednesdays meditation classes.

The best part? We’re open 365 days a year and a step away from wherever you are on St. George campus or downtown Toronto.

Interested? Visit our website or contact us at 416.978.2452 or inquiries@harthouse.ca.

Have you tried a Hart House class before, or worked out in our Fitness Centre?

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13 9 / 2014


You have to be a Buddhist to meditate. Or do you?

When it comes to meditation, there are plenty of misconceptions. We explore the top three just a few days before our new drop-in meditation class begins:

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09 9 / 2014

If you’re a U of T student, you’re a Hart House member. Why not make the most of it?


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Once you become a Hart House member, you have access to an impressive range of fitness, educational, and social opportunities.

But did you know you that being a member also gives you access to 28 clubs and committees?

Getting involved with a club or committee is a great way to have fun and meet like-minded people. It can even increase the odds of you finding a job you’re passionate about, as witnessed by Hart House Warden Bruce Kidd.

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06 9 / 2014


Have you ever been stressed about an upcoming exam or a tough course?

Have you found yourself so wound up that the only way to relax was to escape reality by watching movies or wasting hours on Facebook?

Sarah Kinsley knows exactly what that’s like.


Sarah Kinsley, BA, B.Ed, M.Ed.

In fact, when Sarah was doing a concurrent degree at Trent University some 15 years ago, she became so anxious that she thought there might something wrong with her. Not knowing what else to do, she tried taking a meditation class.

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02 9 / 2014


Win big by exploring U of T’s Co-Curricular College.

When it comes to exploring everthing Hart House has to offer, the options can almost seem overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve put together the mindblowing Hart House Prize Pack, a collection of our most popular items that will let you sample our multiple offerings at your leisure and it’s all free!

Prize includes:

  • Brunch, lunch or cocktails at the award-winning gourmet restaurant, Gallery Grill ($50 gift coupon)
  • Two tickets to the hottest party on campus, Hart House of Horrors Halloween Party on October 31, 2014 (Last year tickets sold out in one day! $24 value)

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