22 7 / 2014

Time to enjoy a mix of classical and contemporary work, brought to you by U of T’s Performing Arts Leader.


With its charm and wit, it’s no wonder that The Importance of Being Earnest has stood the test of time.

Beginning this September, you’ll be able to catch a great show at the Hart House Theatre, which has been producing affordable, accessible, high-quality productions for Toronto audiences since 1919.

To kick off the season, the Theatre brings Oscar Wilde’s groundbreaking satire The Importance of Being Earnest to life. This will be followed by Shakespeare’s The Tempest, which hasn’t been seen on our stage for over 50 years.

Come January, the ever-popular rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar will make its Hart House Theatre debut, offering you the opportunity to see firsthand why this play changed the landscape of musical theatre forever.

Completing the season is Canadian hidden gem This is for You, Anna, a play described by Doug Floyd, producer and general manager, Hart House Theatre, as “heartbreaking, oftentimes hilarious, (…) and required viewing.”

Learn more about the upcoming season, or if you want to become a season subscriber, visit our website now. Students pay only $40 for four plays instead of $90, and all subscribers get a Duke of York pub gift certificate!

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15 7 / 2014


Discover what it’s like to be a Pan Am hopeful with our #TO2015UofT blog series. (Read the first post here if you haven’t already.)

An economics and political science major from Oakville, Zack Chetrat is the only athlete to be named U of T’s Male Athlete of the Year on three separate occasions. Zack has also been a member of the Canadian National Team in the 200-metre butterfly numerous times.

Throughout this blog series, Zack will focus on three themes: success and failure, persistence, and co-curricular activities. Today he talks about success and failure.

What I love most about swimming is racing. I love the chance to stand up on the blocks and really get a good race out of somebody and turn on that last wall and you know, race to the death. Do you know what I mean? Right to the wall, and then winners take all. Sometimes you come out ahead and sometimes you don’t. Really, it’s about those moments and those moments are the best moments, when you’re alone in your head and you’re not even thinking. You don’t have time to think and race at the same time, or you don’t even have time to think and swim at the same time. The best races I’ve ever done, I can hardly even remember doing them because I was just so in the zone. Those moments just feel good, you know? And then all of a sudden they’re gone and you can’t quite get back to them.


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08 7 / 2014


“It’s not about the camera; it’s about what is happening in front of the camera.” —From our website.

Are you a film buff?

Have you entertained thoughts about getting started in the wonderful world of film-making… only you’re not sure how?

To put you on the right path, we spoke with a trio of passionate student filmmakers who recently submitted a short film, Objects of Affection, to the U of T Film Festival at Hart House.

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02 7 / 2014


Track & field star Alicia Brown tests the Woodway Curve, a self-powered treadmill recently installed in the Hart House Fitness Centre.

You wouldn’t notice it, but our old treadmills have exceeded 80,000 miles each.

That’s why we set about finding new units — ones that would not only save energy and require less maintenance, but also make you feel like you’re running on a real track.

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24 6 / 2014


Are you a soccer fan? Interested in the World Cup?

We have great news for you: Every single match will be shown on the big screen TV set in Hart House’s Arbor Room.


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